Moon Correspondences

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Moon Phases

The Moon exudes a cool, feminine, silvery-feeling energy that rules the life-giving waters of our planet — the rains, tides, and dew — as well as those in the physical body, such as menstrual cycles and other bodily fluids. She also rules all emotional responses. Raw, properly focused emotion energizes magick. For this reason, many practitioners work in conjunction with a phase of the Moon's cycle that is in harmony with their magickal intent.

Waxing — This phase occurs when the Moon grows from dark to full. In this phase, the Moon provides the proper energy for magickal efforts requiring growth or enhancement. It is a good time for beginnings, fresh starts, and new love, and is of benefit in building businesses, friendships, partnerships, and financial prosperity. The waxing phase also provides suitable conditions for planting herbs, developing psychism, and increasing physical health and well-being. To seal spells performed during the waxing Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

"Oh, Maiden Moon, now hear my plea:
Hearken, hearken unto me!
As you grow, my spell enhance —
And power its magick with Your dance."

Full — The Moon's energy is most intense when She reaches abundant fullness. Any magickal efforts, especially difficult ones, can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase. Use the full Moon to amplify magickal intent and to give spellworkings additional power. To seal spells performed during the full Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

"Abundant Mother, Moon so bright
Hear my plea upon this night.
Your fertile power lend this spell;
Make it potent, strong, and well."

Waning — The shrinkage of the Moon from full to dark is called the waning phase, and it offers an energy suitable for recession, peaceful separation, or elimination. Use the waning Moon to end undesirable eating patterns, break bad habits, or to remove yourself from dysfunctional partnerships or stressful situations. Its energies favor any magickal effort requiring decrease or removal. To seal spells performed during the waning Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

"Oh Aging One of grace, now hear:
With your guidance, this spell steer.
Remove all blocks and hesitation,
And take it to its destination."

Dark -- Some practitioners use this phase as a period of rest. They find it useful for regeneration, relaxation, and gathering for the creative phase of the waxing Moon. Others prefer to use it for meditation, psychic power enhancement, or for delving into past life memories to help them better understand current difficulties. Dark Moon energy also lends itself to divination and matters where truth is an issue. To seal spells performed during the dark Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

"I call on You, Oh Crone so wise —
One Who rules the darkest skies.
Come and be my treasured Guest,
And aid me on this magickal quest."

As the Moon continues on its neverending course, it travels through the different astrological signs, just as the sun does, only more rapidly. When the Moon resides within the various signs, that sign influences the magickal aspect of the Moon.

Moon in ARIES — Spells and rituals involving authority, rebirth, and leadership, as well as the face and head.

Moon in TAURUS — Spells and rituals involving love, money, and acquisition, as well as the throat and neck.

Moon in GEMINI — Spells and rituals involving communication, writing, and travel, as well as the arms, hands, and lungs.

Moon in CANCER — Spells and rituals involving the home and honoring lunar deities, as well as the chest and stomach.

Moon in LEO — Spells and rituals involving authority, courage, and fertility, as well as the upper back, spine, and heart.

Moon in VIRGO — Spells and rituals involving employment, health, and diet, as well as the intestines and nervous system.

Moon in LIBRA — Spells and rituals involving justice, unions, balance (spiritual or otherwise), and artistry, as well as the lower back and kidneys.

Moon in SCORPIO — Spells and rituals involving power, psychic growth, and sex, as well as the reproductive organs.

Moon in SAGITTARIUS — Spells and rituals involving travel, sports, truth, and horses, as well as the liver and thighs.

Moon in CAPRICORN — Spells and rituals involving organization, ambition, career, and politics, as well as the knees, bones, teeth, and skin.

Moon in AQUARIUS — Spells and rituals involving science, freedom, friendship, and breaking bad habits or addictions, as well as the calves, ankles, and blood.

Moon in PISCES — Spells and rituals involving music, art, telepathy, and dreams, as well as the feet and lymph glands.

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Moon Magick

Each full Moon of the month has its own name and its own qualities. Because Wicca draws from a number of folkloric traditions, you will probably see different names assigned to different months. Below are the common names for each month, as well as what type of magick is best for that month.

January: Wolf Moon
The Wolf Moon, also known as the Cold, Snow, or Winter Moon, is a time of protection and strength. While it is the first full Moon of the calender year, in terms of nature it occurs in the middle of the cold winter season, a season of death and desolation. In these respects, the Wolf Moon can be seen as a time of both beginnings and endings. This is the time to start to consider what you want to plant and plan for the spring. You can do magick so that as the spring approaches, your magickal goal will grow closer and closer to fruition.

February: Storm Moon
The Storm Moon, also known as the Death or Quickening Moon, is a time to do magick for fertility and strength. For most people in the Northern Hemisphere, February is a time of storms and bleak, short days. In the olden days, it was a time of true hardship. This is a good time to do magick to help you face life's challenges. You could do a spell to help you with a particularly challenging project at work. Your spell could focus on helping you to accept the challenge, persevere, and make it through. You could concentrate on the idea of weathering the storm and givng yourself the extra stamina to succeed. This is also a time of cleansing both internally and externally. As such, it's a great time to get rid of physical things you don't need and any mental or emotional baggage you might be hauling around with you, too.

March: Chaste Moon
Also known as the Seed or Worm Moon, the Chaste Moon is a time to plant mental seeds — thoughts of success and hope. This is also a time of purity and newness. It's the time to bless the magickal herbs and plants in your garden and to start preparing the soil for the seeds that you will plant. It's also the time to mentally prepare yourself for new experiences, a new job, pregnancy, taking a trip, or bringing a new animal into your home.

April: Seed Moon
The Seed Moon signals a time of fertility, growth, and wisdom. This Moon is also known as the Egg, Grass, or Wind Moon. This is the time to sow the seeds of magick. If you are planting a magickal garden, you want to get out there now and put things into the earth. This is the time to move from the planting phase into action. If you want to get pregnant, this is a great time to go for it. Fertility is in the air. This is also the time to bring that new puppy home, if that is what you have been planning. It's also a great time to empower some seeds to both help them grow and to do earth magick.

May: Hare Moon
The Hare Moon, also known as the Flower or Planting Moon, is a time for health, love, romance, and wisdom. This is a great time to plant the seeds that you have empowered. As the seeds begin to grow, the energy you have filled them with will start to manifest in your life. It's also a great time to rekindle the romantic spark and passion in a relationship. If you've been working magick to help your career, now will probably be the time to decide which of your job offers to accept. And you might want to do some divination magick to help you make that decision.

June: Lover's Moon
Also known as the Strawberry or Rose Moon, the Lover's Moon brings with it energy for love, marriage, and success. Is it any wonder that in some traditions this Moon is called the Honey Moon? This is a time to nurture your garden and marvel at its beauty and abundance. If you have taken that new job, now is the time to make sure you have everything running smoothly. And you might want to keep your eyes open to see how you can move into a more desirable position.

July: Mead Moon
The Mead Moon, also known as the Blessings, Lightning, or Thunder Moon, is a time of enchantment, health, rebirth, success, and strength. This is the time of the first harvests, when you begin to enjoy the fruits of your labors. This is also a time of celebration and magick. Remember that mead is the nectar of the gods. Now is the time to gather your magickal herbs and do some prosperity magick so you get that raise you've worked so hard for.

August: Wyrt Moon
The Wyrt Moon, also known as the Wort, Barley, Corn, or Red Moon, is a time of abundance, agriculture, and marriage. This is the time to collect your magickal herbs and store them for the winter or share them with others. Remember to give an offering back to the Goddess for her generosity. At this time of the year, you might want to do magick to help someone else reap the benefits of the earth's abundance (with that person's permission, of course!). This is also a good time to make a move at work for that higher level position. If you have become pregnant, this is the time to concentrate your energies on having a healthy pregnancy.

September: Harvest Moon
Also known as the Barley or Hunter's Moon, the Harvest Moon is a time of protection, prosperity, and abundance. This is the time of year when the grains are being harvested, and it is a good time for magick involving your prosperity, abundance, and the nurturing of others. If you have had a long illness, this is the time to finally come back to full health again. This is also the time to obtain that higher paying position at work. The energy of the Harvest Moon will help along any magick that is geared to bring you or someone else abundance.

October: Blood Moon
The Blood Moon is sometimes called the Falling Leaf or Hunter's Moon. It is a Moon of new goals, protection, resolution, and spirituality. The night of the Blood Moon is a great time for divination of any kind. At this time of the year, all of nature is making ready for the winter. Animals that hibernate are gathering the last scraps of food. Birds are heading south. In human societies, this used to be the time when we turned from agriculture to the hunt as our means of sustenance. This is the time to reflect on what you did during the year and to evaluate your accomplishments. You also want to check to see how you will survive the coming months. Make sure that you have enough money in the bank. If your work is seasonal, you might want to do some magick to find other ways to support yourself. If you work outdoors, do magick to help you survive the cold months ahead. You also want to check on things that are important to your safety and survival. How are the tires on your car? And what about that smoke alarm in the kitchen? Because the holidays are fast approaching, you also might want to do some work to remove stress and negative energy from your surroundings.

November: Snow Moon
The Snow Moon is also known as the Beaver, Mourning, or Tree Moon. This is a good time to work with abundance, prosperity, and the bonds of family and friendship. This is also an excellent time to use divination to get an idea of what is up ahead. Remind yourself that although winter is coming, it will not last forever. Do what you can to reduce your stress and to strengthen your bonds with family and friends. Back before the advent of grocery stores and central heating, people really counted on those bonds, which could be the difference between making it through the winter or perishing. So, know who is really there for you, and count your blessings.

December: Oak Moon
Also known as the Cold or Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon is a time for hope and healing. This time of year, the Moon has reign over the Earth, because there are more hours of night than day. Our thoughts turn to the rebirth of the light and the longer days that are promised after the winter solstice. Women who have become pregnant in the spring are about to give birth and will probably want to focus their energies on delivering a healthy baby. This is the time of year to complete something you have worked hard on and to make sure that the task is truly completed, all the details dealt with. It's also a great time to let go of old patterns or problems and start anew. If something has been eating at you for a long time, work to give it up at this time. Let go of the negative and let the light of longer days shine inside you. Working with children in a nurturing way can be very rewarding and healing.

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