Gods & Goddesses Cheat Sheet
Greek Gods & Goddesses

Aphrodite — Goddess of Love, Beauty, Desire, & Fertility
Roman Name: Venus
Colors: Red, Pink, Seafoam green, Aqua
Element: Water
Day of the Week: Friday
Plants & Trees: The rose, the myrtle (flower & tree), the honeysuckle, the apple tree, the lime tree
Stones & Gems: Diamond, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Garnet
Incense: Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cypress, Jasmine, Ginger
Symbols: Hearts, Seashells, Mirror, Girdles, Dolphins, Doves, Swans, Sparrows, Bees, Sea Foam, Pomegranates, Apples, Strawberries, Oranges, Pears
Proper Offerings: Roses, Myrtles, Apples, Pomegranates, Honey, Wine, Chocolates, Cookies or cakes made to look like one of Her symbols (i.e. hearts), Strawberries, Oranges, Pears, Perfume, Bath Salts, Bath oils, Bubble bath soap, Scented lotions or fancy soaps
Similar Deities: Hathor (Egyptian), Isis (Egyptian), Freyja (Norse), Astarte/Inanna/Ishtar (Middle Eastern), Áine (Celtic)
Apollo — God of the Sun, Prophecy, Truth, Music & Poetry, Archery, Healing, & Light
Roman Name: Apollo
Colors: Gold/Yellow, Orange, Red-orange
Element: Fire
Day of the Week: Sunday
Plants & Trees: The laurel tree, the apple tree, the poplar tree, the palm tree, cypress, hyacinth
Stones & Gems: Sunstone, Citrine, Amber, Carnelian, Yellow topaz, Sapphire
Incense: Bay, Frankincense, Cypress, Clove, Cinnamon, Mugwort, Myrrh
Symbols: The lyre, Silver bow & arrows, Dolphins, Swans, Crows, Ravens, Lions, Wolves, Wolves, Mice, Griffins, Hawks, Snakes, Laurel wreath, Fire/flame, The sun/sunlight, Tripod, Apples
Proper Offerings: Bay laurel leaves (including a laurel wreath), Honey, Sun-shaped cookies or cakes, Wine, Golden cakes, Golden raisins, Apples, Music or poetry, Dancing, Donations to hospitals or health research institutes, Donations to local artists, Drawings
Similar Deities: Helios (Greek), Hyperion (Greek), Sol/Sol Invictus (Roman), Horus (Egyptian), Ra (Egyptian), Amun (Egyptian), Freyr (Norse), Bragi (Norse), Odinn (Norse), Baldr (Norse), Heimdallr (Norse), Lugh (Celtic), Áine (Celtic)
Ares — God of War
Roman Name: Mars
Colors: Blood-red, Black (the color of death)
Element: Fire
Day of the Week: Tuesday
Plants & Trees: The violet, the ash tree, the oak tree
Stones & Gems: Ruby, Red agate, Bloodstone
Incense: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Tobacco
Symbols: A helmet, An often-bloodstained spear, Shield & sword, Armor, Chariot drawn by four fire-breathing horses, Dogs, Vultures, Eagle owls, Barn owls, Woodpeckers, Snakes
Proper Offerings: Red wine (or anything stronger, such as whiskey), Black coffee, Mock-blood offerings, Pipe tobacco
Similar Deities: Athena (Greek), Sekhmet (Egyptian), & Tyr (Norse)
Artemis — Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt, Wild Animals & Wilderness, & Virginity
Roman Name: Diana
Colors: Silver/Gray, White (for virginity), Green
Element: Earth
Day of the Week: Monday
Plants & Trees: The amaranth, the cypress tree, the willow tree, the walnut tree, the almond tree, the fir tree
Stones & Gems: Moonstone, Pearl, Amethyst, Quartz
Incense: Cypress, Frankincense, Anything woodsy
Symbols: The moon, Bow & arrows, Guinea fowls, Quails, Hunting dogs, All wild animals but especially deer, bears, & boars
Proper Offerings: Bow & arrows (or other hunting tools), Parts from animals that have been shed naturally (i.e. feathers or snake skin), Donation to an animal shelter or a charity that helps animals, Moon-shaped cookies or cakes, Deer-shaped cookies or cakes, Amaranths, Wildflowers, Walnuts, Almonds, Honey, Red wine
Similar Deities: Selene (Greek), Phoebe (Greek), Luna (Roman), Bastet (Egyptian), Neith (Egyptian), Arianrhod (Celtic)
Athena — Goddess of War, Wisdom, & Arts & Crafts
Roman Name: Minerva
Colors: Royal blue, White, Gray, Yellow, Red
Element: Air
Day of the Week: Tuesday (war) or Wednesday (wisdom)
Plants & Trees: The olive tree, the oak tree, the cypress tree, the citrus trees, geranium, tiger lily, mayweed (chamomile)
Stones & Gems: Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Ruby, Onyx, Star Sapphire
Incense: Frankincense, Sage, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Orange blossom, Musk, Dragon's blood
Symbols: Aegis (shield with Medusa's likeness), Spear, Helmet & armor, Spindle, Owls, Spiders, Eagles, Doves (symbol of victory), Rams, Snakes, Olives
Proper Offerings: Olives/olive oil, Owl-shaped cookies or cakes, Wine, Handmade crafts especially textiles & pottery, Donations to educational institutes
Similar Deities: Ares (Greek), Bellona (Roman), Neith (Egyptian), Odinn (Norse), The Morrigan (Celtic)
Demeter — Goddess of the Harvest, Agriculture, & Fertility
Roman Name: Ceres
Colors: Green, Brown, Gold
Element: Earth
Plants & Trees: Wheat, barley, corn, poppy, mint, pennyroyal, sunflower, daisy, foxglove, columbine, the cypress tree, the ash tree, the oak tree, the chaste tree
Stones & Gems: Topaz, Citrine, Pyrope (a deep red type of garnet), Almandine (type of garnet with a violet tint), Amber
Incense: Frankincense, Myrrh, Mint, Poppy or opium, Clove
Symbols: Sheaves of wheat, Cornucopia, A torch, Livestock, Turtle doves, Screech owls, Cranes, Snakes (especially of the winged variety), Pigs, Lizards, Bread, Honey, Acorns, Harvest tools
Proper Offerings: Sheaves of wheat, Corn dollies, Fruits & vegetables of the harvest, Bread, Honey, Wine, Milk, Poppies, Sunflowers, Cookies or cakes made to look like one of Her symbols
Similar Deities: Sif (Norse), Aine (Celtic)
Dionysus — God of Wine, Fertility, & Theatre
Roman Name: Bacchus
Colors: Purple, Green, Burgundy
Element: Earth
Plants & Trees: The grapevine, the ivy, the bindweed (sarsaparille), giant fennel, the silver fir tree, the fig tree, the elm tree, cinnamon
Stones & Gems: Amethyst
Incense: Grape, Ivy, Fig, Fennel, Cinnamon, Musk, Frankincense, Storax
Symbols: Wine, Grapes, Grapevine, Thyrsus (fennel staff tipped with a pine cone), Ivy crown, Figs, Berries, Leopards, Goats, Donkeys, Lions, Snakes, Wild bulls, Panthers, Tigers, Cheetahs, Wine glass
Proper Offerings: Wine, Mead, Intoxicants of any variety, Grapes, Figs, Berries, Apples, Honey, Honeyed Milk, Sweet meats, Wheat/barley/hops, Olive oil, Ivy, Pine/pine cones, Fennel, Thistle, Cookies or cakes shaped to look like one of His symbols (i.e. wine bottle or wine glass), Dedicated sexual activities (if you're comfortable), Mock-blood offerings, Donations to a theatre or theatre troupe
Similar Deities: Liber (Roman)
Eris — Goddess of Strife, Discord, & Chaos
Roman Name: Discordia
Colors: Blood-red, Black
Element: Fire
Plants & Trees: The apple tree
Stones & Gems: Ruby, Red agate, Bloodstone
Symbols: Golden apple, Poniard (which She keeps hidden), Snakes, A torch
Proper Offerings: Apples, Golden apples (oranges), Social protest, Recognizing the positivity of dark times/negativity
Similar Deities: Enyo (Greek), Chaos (Greek), Bellona (Roman), Set/Seth (Egyptian)
Eros — God of Love & Desire
Roman Name: Cupid
Colors: Red
Element: Fire
Day of the Week: Friday
Plants & Trees: The rose, the myrtle, the apple tree
Stones & Gems: Rose quartz, Diamonds (His arrows were said to be tipped with them)
Incense: Rose, Myrtle, Frankincense, Myrrh, Apple
Symbols: Hearts, Bow & arrows (which can inspire either love or indifference), Wings, Torches/candles, Doves, hares, Myrtle Wreath
Proper Offerings: Roses, Myrtles, Apples, Cookies or cakes shaped to look like one of His symbols, Honey, Wine/mean, Candles (for the flame of love), Bow & arrows
Similar Deities: Amor (Roman), Aengus (Celtic)
Gaea — Goddess of the Earth & Fertility
Roman Name: Terra
Colors: Green, Brown
Element: Earth
Plants & Trees: All of them
Stones & Gems: All of them but especially Agate, Quartz, Emerald, Green calcite, Turquoise, Chrysoprase, Malachite, Peridot, Amazonite, Serpentine, Moonstone
Incense: Lilac, Rosemary, Cherry, Cloves, Birch, Pine, Cedarwood, Cypress, Sage, Patchouli, Musk, Oakmoss, Anything woodsy/earthy
Symbols: The Earth, Grass/dirt, Flowers & trees, Stones & rocks, Fruits, Cornucopia, All animals but especially snakes, pigs, bulls, & bees
Proper Offerings: Flowers of any kind (wildflowers are best), Fruits, Grains, Cookies or cakes made to look like one of Her symbols, Honey, Wine/mead, Milk or honeyed milk, Planting & tending a garden, Recycling/cleaning up litter & pollution, Donations to environmental organizations (including time), Biking or carpooling instead of driving
Similar Deities: Rhea (Greek), Geb (Egyptian), Anu/Danu (Celtic), Dôn (Celtic), Cybele (Turkish)
Hades — King of the Underworld & God of the Dead & Wealth
Roman Name: Pluto
Colors: Black, White, Grey
Element: Fire or Earth
Plants & Trees: The asphodel, the mint, the cypress tree, the white poplar tree, the pomegranate tree, the narcissus
Stones & Gems: All of them but especially Diamond, Obsidian, Onyx, Jet, Black tourmaline, Hematite (any black stone, really)
Incense: Frankincense, Cypress, Narcissus, Mint, Pomegranate, Patchouli, Myrrh
>Symbols: Three-headed Cerberus, Helmet which renders the wearer invisible, Gold & jewels (which can be found underground), Scepter, Key of Hades, Drinking horn or cornucopia, Screech owls, Black rams, Bident (two-pronged trident), Skull & bones
Proper Offerings: Cypress flowers or leaves, Narcissus, Mint, Pomegranates, Gold & silver, Jewels, Bones, Wine or honeyed milk (poured directly on the earth), Fish/meat, Mock-blood offerings (again, poured directly on the earth), Cookies or cakes made to look like one of His symbols, Helping others grieve, Remembering the dead fondly
Similar Deities Dis Pater (Roman), Orcus (Roman), Osiris (Egyptian), Hel (Norse), Arawn/Gwynn ap Nudd (Celtic), Yama (Chinese/Japanese)
Hebe — Goddess of Youth & Cupbearer to the Gods
Roman Name: Juventas
Colors: Pink (especially a soft, baby pink), White
Element: Water
Plants & Trees: The cypress, the lettuce, the ivy
Stones & Gems: Agate, Angelite, Bloodstone, Green Diopside, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Yellow Jasper
Incense: Frankincense
Symbols: Chalice, Serving pitcher, Fountain of youth
Proper Offerings: Wine, Honey or honeyed milk, Apples, Lettuce, Ivy, Letting your inner child out to play, Forgiving those who have wronged you (She's also the goddess of pardons & forgiveness)
Similar Deities: Ganymede (Greek), Idun (Norse)
Hecate — Goddess of Magick & Witchcraft, Ghosts & Necromancy, Crossroads, & the Moon
Roman Name: Trivia
Colors: Black, Silver
Element: All of them (She is the goddess of magick, after all)
Plants & Trees: The asphodel, the aconite, the belladonna, the mandrake, the hemlock, the poppy, the dittany, the lavender, the dandelion, the hellebore, garlic, the mugwort, the yew tree, the cypress tree, the pomegranate tree, the oak tree, the black poplar tree, the willow tree, the hazel tree, the cedar tree, the almond tree
Stones & Gems: Moonstone, Sapphire or star sapphire, Any stone that is dark & luminous (i.e. Black tourmaline, Hematite, Jet, Obsidian, Onyx, etc.)
Incense: Myrrh, Pomegranate, Mugwort, Cypress, Poppy, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Mint, Saffron
Symbols: Triple moon, Dark moon, The crone, Cauldron, Torches, Keys, Daggers, Rope, Crossroads, Entry ways & gates, Dogs (especially black ones), She-wolf, Frogs, Snakes, Weasels, Black ewes, Crows, Owls, Horses
Proper Offerings: Dandelions, Poppies, Lavender, Garlic, Almonds, Raisins or currants, Figs, Black olives, Wine, Water, Honey, Cookies or cakes made to look like one of Her symbols, Eggs (especially boiled), Leaving a plate of food at a crossroads or burying a small cake/libation at a crossroads, Blood offerings (just a finger-prick) or mock-blood offerings, Appreciating the weird & uncanny
Similar Deities: Janus (Roman), Heket (Egyptian), Isis (Egyptian), Ceridwen (Celtic)
Helios — God of the Sun
Roman Name: Sol
Colors: Gold/Yellow, Red, White
Element: Fire (or possibly Air)
Day of the Week: Sunday
Plants & Trees: The heliotrope, the sunflower, the frankincense tree, the poplar tree
Stones & Gems: Amber, Sunstone
Incense: Frankincense, Heliotrope, Sunflower, Myrrh
Symbols: The sun, Sun chariot, Sun aureole (a halo-like aura of sun beams), Golden cup, Incense, Red cows, White horses, Lions, Wolves, Roosters, Eagles, Snakes, Rams
Proper Offerings: Honey, Golden cakes, Golden raisins, Sun-shaped cookies or cakes, White wine, Whiskey, Goldschläger, Gold shavings, Heliotropes, Sunflowers, Candles/flame
Similar Deities: Apollo (Greek/Roman), Hyperion (Greek), Horus (Egyptian), Ra (Egyptian), Amun (Egyptian), Freyr (Norse), Lugh (Celtic), Áine (Celtic), Usil (Etruscan)
Hephaestus — God of Fire, the Forge, Metalworking & Sculpting, Craftsmen, & Technology
Roman Name: Vulcan
Colors: Red, Red-orange, Yellow
Element: Fire
Plants & Trees: The fennel, the vervain, the poppy, the hibiscus, the nettle, the aloe, the oak tree
Stones & Gems: Ruby, Red topaz, Red agate, Carnelian, Coral, Garnet, Amber, Citrine, Azurite
Incense: Frankincense, Manna (from the ash tree), Dragon's blood, Pine
Symbols: Fire, Blacksmith's hammer, Anvil, Pair of tongs, Axe, Volcanoes, Donkeys, Dogs, Bears, Wolves, Rams, Cranes, Quails
Proper Offerings: Any metal but especially iron or steel, Marble/limestone, Blacksmith's hammer or sculptor's chisel, Fennel, Vervain, Red peppers, Paprika, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Honey, Wine, Cakes or cookies shaped to look like one of His symbols, Mock-blood offerings, Candles/flame, Handmade metal-works or sculpted/carved handicrafts, Working with your hands (be it smithing, jewelry-making, or home repair projects), Supporting local smiths & craftsmen, Donations to charities that help the disabled
Similar Deities: Ptah (Egyptian), Weyland the Smith (Norse), Goibniu (Celtic), Gofannon (Celtic)
Hera — Queen of the Gods & Goddess of Women, Marriage, Childbirth, & Motherhood
Roman Name: Juno
Colors: Purple, Dark green, Royal blue, Silver, White, Gold
Element: Earth
Plants & Trees: The lotus, the lily, the white rose (white flowers in general), the poppy, the iris, the honeysuckle, the pomegranate tree, the apple tree, the willow tree, the cypress tree, the chaste tree
Stones & Gems: Lapis lazuli, Diamond, Moonstone, Quartz, Pearl, Sapphire or star sapphire, Amethyst, Azurite, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Chrysocolla
Incense: Myrrh, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, Honeysuckle, Patchouli, Frankincense
Symbols: Diadem, Scepter, Throne, Peacock feathers, Peacocks, Cows, Cranes, Cuckoos, Panthers, Lions, Pomegranates, Apples, Pears, Oranges
Proper Offerings: Peacock feathers, Lotuses, Lilies, White roses, White flowers of any kind, Poppies, Irises, Pomegranates or pomegranate seeds, Apples, Pears, Oranges, Staying faithful in a relationship & keeping the romance alive, Supporting women's rights, Donations to a women's shelter, Donating old maternity clothes or baby things to those less fortunate
Similar Deities: Isis (Egyptian), Hathor (Egyptian), Frigg (Norse), Danu (Celtic)
Hermes — Messenger of the Gods & God of Commerce, Travelers, Thieves, & Athletes
Roman Name: Mercury
Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, Silver, Grey, Green
Element: Air
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Plants & Trees: The crocus (particularly the saffron variety), the moly, the strawberry tree, the palm tree, the almond tree, the silver birch tree
Stones & Gems: Hematite, Agate, Yellow topaz, Amber, Citrine, Emerald, Peridot, Red marble
Incense: Frankincense, Camphor, Myrrh, Saffron, Dragon's blood, Cloves, Nettles, Mace, Musk, White sandalwood, Tobacco, Storax
Symbols: Winged sandals, Winged helmet, Caduceus (winged staff entwined with serpents), Purse or pouch, Traveler's cloak, Lyre, Panpipes, Roosters, Tortoises, Hares, Rams, Hawks, Snakes
Proper Offerings: Anything made of silver or containing mercury, Currency (including foreign currency), Crocuses, Panpipes, Saffron, Strawberries, Chocolate, Wheat, Honey, Lemons, Almonds, Cassia, Cinnamon, Pork or mutton, Any type of foreign food, Spring water, Coffee, Energy drinks, Wine/mead, German beer, Brightly colored eggs, Traveling abroad or trading with foreigners, Playing harmless practical jokes, Comforting a dying loved one
Similar Deities: Iris (Greek), Thoth (Egyptian), Set/Seth (Egyptian), Loki (Norse), Puck (Celtic), Coyote the Trickster (Native American), Anansi (African)
Hestia — Goddess of the Hearth & Home
Roman Name: Vesta
Colors: White, Gold/Yellow, Orange, Red, Lavender
Element: Fire
Plants & Trees: The lavender, the chaste tree, the datura, the California poppy, the goldenrod, the hollyhock, the yarrow, the purple coneflower, all white flowers
Stones & Gems: Garnet, Vanadinite, Quartz, Amethyst
Incense: Lavender, Chamomile, Myrrh, Frankincense, Iris, Angelica, Peony
Symbols: The hearth, Fire/flames, Home, Head veil, Kettle or cauldron, Architecture, Pigs, Cows, Donkeys, Cranes
Proper Offerings: First/last foods & libations from a meal, Candles/flame, Wine, Honey, Pork, Cakes or Cookies made to look like one of Her symbols, Bread (especially homemade), Cooking herbs (such as basil, thyme, rosemary) & spices, Lavender or chamomile tea, Keeping a candle/hearth fire or lamp constantly burning, Welcoming others into your home, Keeping the peace (especially in the home), Donations of time & money to Habitat for Humanity, Lavender, White roses
Similar Deities: Roma (Roman)
Iris — Goddess of the Rainbow & Messenger of the Gods
Roman Name: Arcus
Colors: All of them
Element: Air
Plants & Trees: The iris
Stones & Gems: Rainbow quartz, Moonstone, Rainbow moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Rainbow obsidian
Incense: Iris, Violet, Lavender, Myrrh, Frankincense
Symbols: Rainbows, Golden wings, Caduceus, Pitcher of water, Clouds, Fleur-de-lis, Sun/sunlight
Proper Offerings: Water, Wine, Honey, Wheat, Figs, Cakes or cookies made to look like one of Her symbols, Irises, Feathers, Prisms, Postage stamps, Cotton candy, Whipped cream
Equivalents: Hermes (Greek), Hebe (Greek), Heimdallr (Norse), Mbaba Mwana Waresa (Zulu), Ixchel (Mayan)
Pan — God of Nature, Music, & Fertility
Roman Name: Faunus
Colors: Brown, Green, Red
Element: Earth
Plants & Trees: The reed, the mountain pine tree, the violet, the musk, the thistle, the hemp/Indian hemp, the orchis, the civet
Stones & Gems: Jasper, Amber, Tiger's eye, Unakite, Smoky quartz, Mahogany obsidian, Crystal, Bloodstone, Turquoise, Azurite
Incense: Frankincense, Musk, Civet, Violet, Hemp, Pine, Birch
Symbols: Syrinx (set of panpipes), Goats, Goat Horns, Rams, Shepherd's crook, Phallus
Proper Offerings: Panpipes, Wine/mead, Beer, Milk (especially goat's milk), Water, Honey, Grain, Fruits, Honey-cakes (for his nymphs), Cookies or cakes made to look like one of His symbols, Mutton, Hemp or cannabis, Pine needles, Making lots of noise (music, chanting, etc., so as not to startle Him), Eating/drinking/being merry, Having sex or participating in sexual acts, Not disturbing Him around noon (when He likes to nap)
Equivalents: Min (Egyptian), Cernunnos (Celtic)
Persephone — Queen of the Underworld & Goddess of Spring & Vegetation
Roman Name: Proserpina
Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Yellow
Element: Earth
Plants & Trees: The daisy, the lily, the lily of the valley, the lavender, the narcissus, the maidenhair fern, the mint, the iris, the violet, the rose, the asphodel, the poppy, the pomegranate tree, the willow tree, the cypress tree, the black poplar tree
Stones & Gems: Onyx, Obsidian, Quartz, Jasper, Coral, Agate, Citrine, Topaz, Peridot, Sapphire, Gren tourmaline, Pink tourmaline, Amethyst, Dioptase
Incense: Pomegranate, Narcissus, Hyacinth, Vanilla, Almond, Bergamot, Anything floral
Symbols: Wildflowers, Wreath of flowers worn in hair, Pomegranates, Sheaves of grain, Torch, Bees, Bats, Parrots, Pigs, Deer, Rams, Monkeys, Waterfalls, Rivers & springs, Crown
Proper Offerings: Pomegranates/pomegranate seeds, Pomegranate juice or wine, Spring water or infused water, Honey/honey wine, Wildflowers, Grains, Bread, Cookies or cakes made to look like one of Her symbols, Milk/honeyed milk, Wreath of flowers, Comforting those who have lost a loved one, Donations of time & money to a rape crisis center
Equivalents: Kore (Greek), Nephthys (Egyptian), Lada (Slavic)
Poseidon — God of the Sea, Earthquakes, & Horses
Roman Name: Neptune
Colors: Blue, Turquoise, Sea green, Cyan, Deep blue
Element: Water
Plants & Trees: The seaweed, the coral, the wild celery, the pine tree
Stones & Gems: Pearl, Mother-of-pearl, Aquamarine, Lapis lazuli, Turqouise, Azurite, Sapphire, Amethyst
Incense: Pine, Cedar, Willow, Frankincense, Myrrh
Symbols: The sea, Sea foam/waves, Trident, Merpeople, Hippocampi, Pegasus, Fishes, Dolphins, Horses, Bulls, Conch shells, Sea shells, Oysters/pearls, Starfishes
Proper Offerings: Water, White wine or white grape juice, Honey, Fish (including the first catch of the season), Beef, Salt, Cookies or cakes made to look like one of His symbols (even animal crackers), Mint/chocolate mint candies, Oysters or clams, Pearls, Container of sea water, Conch shells/sea shells, Starfishes, Statue of a horse or bull, Ambergris, Riding a horse or learning to ride one, Fighting ocean/beach pollution, Taking up a water sport (diving, boating, etc.), Enjoying a day at the beach, Supporting fishermen and sailors
Equivalents: Njordr (Norse), Lir/Llŷr (Celtic), Manannán mac Lir (Celtic), Nodens (Celtic)
Selene — Goddess of the Moon
Roman Name: Luna
Colors: Silver, Gray, White, Red, Black, Dark blue, Purple
Element: Water
Day of the Week: Monday
Plants & Trees: The selenetrope, the jasmine, the white poppy, the white rose, the wallflower, the willow tree, the myrtle tree
Stones & Gems: Moonstone, Selenite, Pearl, Quartz
Incense: Jasmine, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Myrtle
Symbols: The moon, Crescent moon headdress, Moon chariot, Torch, Veil, Wolves, Dogs, Bulls, Cows, Horses, Oxen, Roosters, Bats
Proper Offerings: Silver (includng silver coins and/or a silver bowl full of water), Jasmine, Selenetropes, Jasmines, White roses (white flowers in general), Crescent cakes or crescent-shaped cookies, Water, Milk, White wine or white grape juice, Honey, Honey cakes, Eggs, Pomegranates, Apples, Seafood, White chicken, Writing or reading poetry in Her honor, Taking a moonlit stroll
Similar Deities: Artemis (Greek), Phoebe (Greek), Diana (Roman)
Thanatos — God of Death
Roman Name: Mors
Colors: Black, White, Purple
Element: Earth
Plants & Trees: The poppy, the mandrake, the mugwort, the African violet, the periwinkle, the cypress tree, the pomegranate tree, the willow tree
Stones & Gems: Onyx, Obsidian, Jet, Black tourmaline (any black stone, really), Amethyst
Incense: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cypress, Willow, Opium, Myrrh, Musk, Wisteria, Black blossom, Dragon's blood
Symbols: Inverted torch (representing an extinguished life), Wreath of poppies, Butterflies, Theta symbol, Grim Reaper's scythe, Skulls/bones/skeletons, Snakes, Ravens, Crows, Headstones, Sheathed sword, Wings
Proper Offerings: Poppies or poppy seeds, Bitter wines (such as Apothic Dark), Black coffee/tea, Dark chocolate, Bitter foods/drinks, Cigars, Grave rubbings or graveyard dirt, Skulls or bones collected humanely (or replicas), Snake skins, Scythe, Drawings/poetry/music, Roses, Pomegranate juice or wine
Similar Deities: Hades (Greek), Anubis (Egyptian), Hel (Norse)
Zeus — King of the Gods & God of the Sky, Weather, Law & Order, & Justice
Roman Name: Jupiter
Colors: Sky blue, White, Gold, Purple
Element: Air
Day of the Week: Thursday
Plants & Trees: The wild celery, the artichoke, the oak tree, the olive tree, the white poplar tree, the linden tree
Stones & Gems: Opal, Diamond, Quartz, Sapphire, Lapis lazuli, Blue topaz, Blue zircon, Blue agate, Citrine, Amethyst
Incense: Frankincense, Oakmoss, Vervain, Sage
Symbols: Lightning bolts, Clouds, Scepter, Throne, Crown/wreath of olive leaves, Aegis, Eagles, Cuckoos, Swans, Bulls (especially white bulls), Goats, Lions, Wolves
Proper Offerings: Eagle feathers (obtained humanely, i.e. discarded), Oak branches/leaves, Gold (gold coins, gold bowl or cup, etc.), Wreath of olive leaves, White wine, Honey, Figs, Vervain, Damiana, Hyssop, Ginseng, Saffron, Cookies or cakes made to look like one of His symbols, Beef or mutton, Cotton candy, Whipped cream, Writing or reading poetry in His honor, Honoring commitments
Similar Deities: Jove (Roman), Amon (Egyptian), Horus (Egyptian), Nut (Egyptian), Ma'at (Egyptian), Odinn (Norse), Thor (Norse), Forseti (Norse), Tyr (Norse), The Dagda (Celtic)

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