Gods & Goddesses Cheat Sheet
Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Amon — King of the Gods
A.K.A.: Amun, Amun-Ra
Colors: Blue, Red
Element: Air
Day of the Week: Thursday
Plants & Trees: The lotus, the myrrh tree
Stones & Gems: Lapis lazuli, Sapphire
Incense: Myrrh
Symbols: Criosphinx (ram-headed sphinx), Red & blue (or red & green) double-plumed headdress, Rams, Cattle, Ostriches, Geese, Lions, Apes, Snakes
Similar Deities: Ra (Egyptian), Zeus (Greek), Jupiter (Roman), Odinn (Norse), The Dagda (Celtic)
Anubis — God of the Dead and Embalming
A.K.A.: Inpu, Anput (his wife/female aspect)
Day of the Week:
Plants & Trees:
Stones & Gems:
Symbols: The jackal, mummies, & a set of scales (in his aspect as Guardian of the Scales in the underworld)
Similar Deities: Thanatos (Greek)
Bastet — Goddess of the Moon & Cats, Both Wild & Domestic
A.K.A.: Bast or Baset
Symbols: The moon, the domestic cat, the lioness, & a sistrum (percussion instrument)
Equivalents: Artemis (Greek)
Bes — God of Protection, particularly of the Home, Women, & Children
A.K.A.: Bisu
Symbols: A protuding tongue & a prominent phallus
Geb — God of the Earth
A.K.A.: Seb or Keb
Symbols: A globe, dirt, stones/rocks, & an erect phallus
Equivalents: Cronus (Greek) & Gaia (Greek)
Hathor — Goddess of Love, Beauty, Music, Pleasure, Motherhood, & Fertility
A.K.A.: Mehturt, Hesat (in her manifestation as 'Celestial Cow'), or Sekhmet
Symbols: The cow, cow horns with a sun disk & uraeus (upright cobra symbolizing royalty & divine authority), & a sistrum (percussion instrument)
Equivalents: Aphrodite (Greek), Hera (Greek), Venus (Roman), Juno (Roman), Freyja (Norse), Frigg (Norse), & Danu (Celtic)
Horus — God of the Sky & War
A.K.A.: Amon/Amun or Ra
Symbols: The sun, the moon, the falcon, & the Eye of Horus
Equivalents: Amun (Egyptian), Ra (Egyptian), Zeus (Greek), Ares (Greek), Jupiter (Roman), Apollo (Greek/Roman), & Mars (Roman)
Isis — Goddess of Marriage, Motherhood, Magic, & Fertility
Symbols: Cow horns with a sun disk, the kite (type of bird), & the ankh
Equivalents: Hathor (Egyptian), Hera (Greek), Juno (Roman), Frigg (Norse), & Danu (Celtic)
Khnum — God of Creation
A.K.A.: Min
Symbols: The ram & a potter's wheel (he's said to create children from clay & place them in their mothers' wombs)
Ma'at — Goddess of Truth & Justice
Symbols: Ostrich feather & the ankh
Equivalents: Forseti (Norse) & Tyr (Norse)
Min — God of Fertility & Male Sexuality
A.K.A.: Khem or Khnum
Symbols: A feathered crown, a flail, an erect phallus, & lettuce (an aphrodisiac)
Equivalents: Pan (Greek) & Faunus (Roman)
Neith -- Goddess of War, Hunting, Wisdom, & Weaving
A.K.A.: Nit, Net, or Neit
Symbols: A bow, crossed arrows, & a shield
Equivalents: Sekhmet (Egyptian), Athena (Greek), Artemis (Greek), Minerva (Roman), Selene (Roman), & Odinn (Norse)
Nephthys — Goddess of Lamentation
Symbols: The kite (type of bird) & the falcon
Equivalents: Persephone (Greek) & Proserpina (Roman)
Nut — Goddess of the Sky
A.K.A.: Nuit, Newet, or Neuth
Symbols: The sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, & the four cardinal directions
Equivalents: Zeus (Greek) & Jupiter (Roman)
Osiris — God of the Dead, the Underworld, & Resurrection
Symbols: Mummies, a shepherd's crook, a flail, a crown with an ostrich feather on either side of it, & a gold phallus Isis had fashioned for him
Equivalents: Anubis (Egyptian), Hades (Greek), Pluto (Roman), Hel (Norse), & Yama (Chinese/Japanese)
Ptah — God of Creation, Craftsmen, & Fertility
A.K.A.: Seker
Symbols: A scepter with an ankh & a djed (pillar-like symbol)
Equivalents: Hephaestus (Greek), Vulcan (Roman), & Weyland the Smith (Norse)
Ra — God of the Sun
A.K.A.: Amon/Amun, Atum, or Horus
Symbols: The sun, the hawk, the falcon, a sun disk and uraeus (upright cobra)
Equivalents: Amon (Egyptian), Horus (Egyptian), Apollo (Greek/Roman), & Freyr (Norse)
Sekhmet — Goddess of War & Destruction
A.K.A.: Sakhmet, Sachmis, or Hathor
Symbols: The lioness, the cow, a sun disk & uraeus (upright cobra), & beer colored to look like beer
Equivalents: Neith (Egyptian), Ares (Greek), Mars (Roman), & Bellona (Roman)
Seth — God of Darkness, Chaos, the Desert, & Storms
A.K.A.: Set, Setesh, Sutekh, or Setekh
Symbols: The donkey & the Set animal (part aardvark, donkey, jackal, & fox)
Equivalents: Loki (Norse)
Thoth — God of Knowledge, Writing, & Mediation
Symbols: A papyrus, a quill pen, the ibis, & the baboon
Equivalents: Hermes (Greek) & Mercury (Roman)

SOURCES: Wikipedia & Encyclopedia Mythica

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