Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, & Female Sexuality

She's the daughter of the sea god Njordr, and twin sister of Freyr.

Consorts & Children:
She's married to Odr (another name for Odinn), and by him, she gave birth to two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi. However, a boar she keeps named Hildisvini is said to be her human lover, Otta, in disguise.

Notable Stories Involving Her:
She's said to be the most beautiful of the goddesses, as well as the most promiscuous, and is often called upon in matters of love and fertility. She's also a practitioner of magic, having taught it to the other gods. She divides the slain warriors of battle with Odinn, with half of them going to Valhalla with his Valkyries and the other half going to her palace, where love songs are constantly played. Her palace also receives women who have died a noble death.

Sacred Symbols:
Her attributes include a necklace called Brisingamen, which she obtained after sleeping with four dwarfs; a cloak of feathers, which can change its wearer into a falcon; and a chariot drawn by two cats.

Freyja Around the World:
She's often been equated with the Greek Aphrodite or the Roman Venus, though the Celtic goddess Arianrhod could also be considered a counterpart.

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