Norse Goddess of Marriage, Motherhood, & Fertility

Consorts & Children:
She's the wife of Odinn, though supposedly has had affairs with his brothers Ve and Vili. Through Odinn, she's the mother of Baldr and Bragi.

Notable Stories Involving Her:
Upon learning that her son Baldr had been having dreams of his own death, dreams that were considered to be prophetic, Frigg went around making everything in the world vow not to harm him. However, she neglected to extract the same vow from mistletoe, as she deemed it too insignificant. Loki, the only one of the gods who seemed to take issue with her son, learned of this, and tricked Baldr's blind brother Hodr into killing him with an arrow made of mistletoe. It is from Frigg's name that we get Friday, the day consecrated to matters of the heart.

Frigg Around the World:
Being that she's a goddess of marriage, she could be considered the Norse equivalent of the Greek Hera or the Roman Juno.

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