Egyptian Goddess of Love, Beauty, Music, Pleasure, Motherhood, & Fertility

She's the daughter of Ra, and sister of Bastet, Ma'at, Sekhmet, Shu, and Tefnut.

Consorts & Children:
She's the wife of Horus.

She's sometimes known as Mehturt or Hesat (in her manifestation as 'Celestial Cow'). Oftentimes, she's depicted as either a cow or a woman holding a sistrum and wearing a headdress consisting of cow horns, a sun disk, and an uraeus, an upright cobra that symbolizes royalty and divine authority.

Notable Stories Involving Her:
At the request of Ra, she became Sekhmet and punished mankind for plotting against Ra; however, when she nearly wiped out humanity in the process, Ra pacified her bloodlust by tricking her into drinking beer that had been colored to look like blood.

Hathor Around the World:
Her Greek equivalent is Aphrodite, though she's closely associated with the Egyptian war-goddess Sekhmet.

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