Greek Titan of the Sun

He is the son of the Titans Hyperion, who is also considered a sun god, and Thea, and brother of Eos ("dawn") and Selene ("moon").

Notable Stories Involving Him:
Some myths say he is the personification of the sun, while others insist he drives a chariot across the sky each day, pulling the sun with it. In fact, one myth says he once let his son Phaeton drive his chariot, but Phaeton lost control and fell to Earth. Another infamous myth includes Helios catching Ares and Aphrodite having an affair, and telling Hephaestus, who then caught the lovers in an invisible net. Yet another famous myth involves Helios catching Odysseus's men killing and eating his sacred red cattle, then either punishing them or asking Zeus to punish them.

Sacred Symbols:
His attributes are a whip and a globe, and sacred to him are roosters and eagles.

Helios Around the World:
He's often overshadowed by Apollo, and his Roman equivalent is Sol or Sol Invictus.

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