Egyptian Goddess of War, Hunting, Wisdom, & Weaving

Also called Nit, Net, or Neit, she's the daughter of Nu ("watery one"), god of the watery abyss, and Mehet-Weret ("great flood"), goddess of the sky.

Consorts & Children:
Khnum, god of creation, is both her brother and her husband. By him, she's the mother of Ra, Thoth, and Sobek, god of the Nile and the military. Also among their children are Serket, goddess of scorpions and medicine/healing, and Apep, god of darkness.

She's usually depicted as a woman wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt, and sometimes holding a bow and arrow while other times holding a harpoon.

Notable Stories Involving Her:
As goddess of war, it's said she makes the weapons warriors use, and that she guards their bodies when they die.

Sacred Symbols:
Her symbol is two arrows crossing over a shield.

Neith Around the World:
Her Greek equivalent would be Athena, though she's also closely associated with Sekhmet/Hathor.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Mythica