Norse Goddess of the Harvest & Fertility

Consorts & Children:
She's the golden-haired wife of Thor, the mighty god of the sky and thunder, and mother of the god Ullr, whose father is unknown.

Notable Stories Involving Her:
Little is known about Sif, beyond being Thor's wife and having golden hair. However, the most well-known story featuring her tells of how the trickster Loki cut off all her hair as she slept. Furious, Thor threatened to kill him unless he managed to replace the hair. So, Loki went to the dwarfs and asked them to make a replacement out of gold, spinning it until it was as fine as hair and imbuing it with magic so that it would grow on Sif's head.

Sacred Symbols:
Her most well-known feature is her long golden hair, possibly representing fields of wheat.

Sif Around the World:
Being that Sif is a goddess of fertility and the harvest, she's often been likened to the Roman goddess Ceres.

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