How to Make a Portable Altar

Let's say that you live with someone who's not exactly open-minded towards your beliefs. Maybe you're even in the broom closet. Or maybe you just live in cramped quarters and space is at a premium. Or perhaps you travel a lot, or you prefer to worship out in nature but don't want to leave your altar where it can be disturbed by animals or other people. Whatever your situation, a portable altar may come in handy.

Option #1: Altoid Altar — Simply take a small tin box, such as the kind used for Altoids (you can find a blank, non-embossed one at craft stores, if you prefer), and decorate it like you would an altar. The outside can be left alone (it'll look more discrete that way and you can even use the top for the actual altar), or you decorate it with fabric, glitter, gemstones, or whatever else your imagination can think of. Inside, the lid can be adorned with a picture of your deity or with symbols meaningful to you, while the bottom can be used to store whatever tools you deem necessary. You can make miniature tools using salt dough or polymer clay, or you can purchase them online. If you're wanting to represent the four elements, you could keep symbols of each of them, or you could collect a feather or small wand for air, a stone or vial of salt for earth, a small candle or match for fire, and a seashell or vial of water for the water element. You can even pack a small piece of fabric in the tin for use as an altar cloth, as well as a miniature staute of your deity, if you so desire. (For more ideas on decorating your Altoid altar, click any of the pictures below.)

Option #2: Canister/Pouch Altar — For those who travel frequently

Option #3: Shoebox/Hat Box Altar

Zeus/Jupiter The Elements: Feather or musky incense for Air; white, blue, or yellow candle for Fire; water (preferably rain water) for the element of Water; acorn or blue stone for Earth
Altar Decorations: Yellow or sky blue fabric for the altar cloth, oak leaves, something small and gold (like gold coins), eagle feather (obtained humanely), figurine of an eagle or a bull
(and/or Gaea/Terra

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