Mabon Ritual

incense burner
chalice of water
dagger or sword, with autumn-colored ribbons tied on it
four Element candles
chalice of wine
one white candle, one red candle, and one black candle, set around the cauldron
ivy, set in the cauldron
autumn leaves for decoration

With casting the circle as your basic starting point, perform the same ritual illustrated in the Basic Sabbat Ritual, inserting the following steps where the Ritual states, "proceed with your planned spellwork or ceremony..."

Light the three candles around the cauldron. Say:

I call upon the blessed Lady, queen of the harvest,
Giver of life and plenty since before time began.
Bestow upon me your joy and beauty, power and prosperity,
I do ask.

Salute the ivy-filled cauldron with your dagger or sword. Say:

I call upon the Lord of the harvest, sacred King,
Giver of riches and protection since before time began.
Bestow upon me your strength and laughter, power and prosperity,
I do ask.

Take the ribbon-tied dagger in your power hand, the wine chalice in the other. Say:

Always has life fulfilled its cycle and led to
Life anew in the eternal chain of the living.
In honor of the Old Gods, I mark the fullness
Of my life and the harvest of this year's lessons.

Walk three times clockwise around the circle, beginning in the east. Chant:

The year-wheel turns, and bounty comes.

Move back to the altar and lay aside the dagger. Set the wine chalice briefly on the pentacle. As you make the following toast, raise the chalice high each time before taking a sip.

To the good seasons that have gone,
And to the good ones yet to come.
Blessed Be!

To the Goddess! May she bring peace
And fulfillment to all her children.
Blessed Be!

To the God! May he protect his followers
And bring me prosperity and happiness.
Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!
Blessed Be.

Refer to the Basic Sabbat Ritual at this time for the standard closing or departure ritual, commencing where the Ritual states, "when everything is completed..."

SOURCE: Joelle's Sacred Grove, as taken from Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway