Ostara Ritual

incense burner
chalice of water
dagger or sword
four Element candles
cauldron with red candle
chalice of wine
dish for burning
paper and pen
colored eggs and spring flowers for decorations

With casting the circle as your basic starting point, perform the same ritual illustrated in the Basic Sabbat Ritual, inserting the following steps where the Ritual states, "proceed with your planned spellwork or ceremony..."

Take up your wand and raise your arms in greeting again and say:

Behold, the Lord and Lady of life
And the giver of life. Without her Lord,
The Goddess is barren. Without his Lady,
The God has no life.
Each is needful of the other,
For completion and power,
As Sun to Earth, the spear to the cauldron,
Spirit to flesh, man to woman.

Light the candle in the caudron. Rap the cauldron lightly with your wand, saying:

O Great Goddess, be with me now
In your aspect of the Maiden,
The fair one who brings joy and new life.

Ring the bell once and say:

O Great God of renewal, be with me now
In your aspect of the Lord of the forests,
The Horned God who brings warmth and love.

Rap the cauldron once more with the wand, saying:

May the strength of the old enter into the new.
Great Lord and Lady, make all things strong
And giving of new life. Blessed be.

Put a little incense on the coals and carry the burner again around the circle clockwise. Put the burner back on the altar and raise your arms, saying:

Awake! All creatures in the realm of Earth, awake!
Greet the Maiden and her Lover,
Who herald the coming of Spring.

Touch the parchment paper with the dagger, saying:

Now I cast behind me the darkness of
Winter and the past. I look only to that
Which lies ahead. This is the time for me
To plant seeds in the physical, mental, and spiritual.

Write on the paper your desires for the coming year. Write only one desire on each piece of paper. Fold the papers and hold them up over the altar in offering to the Old Gods, saying:

This is a joyous time, a time for planting.
With joy and trust, I place these requests
In the hands of the Goddess and her Lord.

Light the papers one by one from the candle in the cauldron and drop them into the dish for burning, saying:

These thought-seeds do I so willingly place
Into the hands of the Lady and her Lord,
That these desires and dreams may manifest
And become reality. Blessed be the Old Gods!

Place the wine chalice on the pentacle for a few moments, then lift it high, saying:

Honor to the Old Gods!
Merry meet and merry part
And merry meet again!

Drink the wine, saving some to be put outside for the little people.

Refer to the Basic Sabbat Ritual at this time for the standard closing or departure ritual, commencing where the Ritual states, "when everything is completed..."

SOURCE: Joelle's Sacred Grove, as taken from Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway