XIII — Death


Element: Water
Zodiac: Scorpio
Yes/No: No


When one door closes, another opens. Out with the old, in with the new. One chapter ends and another begins.

Death Upright

endings, letting go, new beginnings, transformation, change, transition, release, end of cycle, end of an era, metamorphosis, letting go of unhealthy attachments, breaking old habits, major change, renewal/rebirth, severing ties, mortality, loss, failure, letting go of emotional attachments,, change in relationship or romantic life, ending relationship, shedding beliefs/attitudes/behaviors to develop healthier/stronger relationships, job or career transition, leaving unfulfilling career, financial loss, adapting to financial loss, changing views of money

Death Reversed

stagnation/stagnancy, holding on, grief, fear of change, repeating negative patterns, resisting change, decay, sameness, restrained, delayed endings, resistance to letting go, long terminal illness, depression, inertia, living unaware, going through the motions, repeating mistakes, lack of growth, resisting change in relationship, failure to change negative emotional patterns, holding on to a stagnant relationship, repeating negative patterns at work, remaining at unfulfilling job, failure to adapt to financial loss, continuing unhealthy financial habits