XX — Judgement


Element: Fire
Planet: Pluto
Yes/No: Yes


Judgement Upright

liberation, redemption, awakening, self-evaluation, renewal, purpose, reflection, reckoning, being faced with life-defining choices, letting go of the past in order to move forward, consequences, action, end of an era, transition, decisions, absolution, rebirth, spiritual/religious calling, reincarnation, realization, change that has already ocurred, rite of passage, final outcome, judgement, moving on, renewal of love, making adjustments in a relationship, finding career purpose, accountability at work, reflecting on financial habits, reflecting on values regarding finances

Judgement Reversed

doubt/self-doubt, punishment, destruction, lack of self-awareness, failure to learn lessons, self-loathing, judging yourself too harshly, missed opportunities or lost momentum, being too critical of your past actions, needing to take time to self-reflect, blame, ignoring a calling, doing what is wrong for you, being led by your own fear, delayed change, avoiding making a decision, unhealed karma, blaming your romantic partner (especially unfairly), denial about love life, self-doubt at work, failure to take responsibility at work, failure to learn financial lessons, too self-denying financially