XI — Justice


Element: Air
Zodiac: Libra
Yes/No: Maybe


Fairly take and fairly give.

Justice Upright

judgement, fairness, clarity, justice, karma, consequence/accountability, responsibility, law, legal affairs/justice, truth, honesty, integrity, cause and effect, repercussions, balance, harmony, dignity, ethics, agreements, finding a solution once and for all, compromising with partner, treating partner fairly, romantic efforts rewarded, remaining accountable and fair at work, integrity at work rewarded, balancing finances, balancing giving and taking

Justice Reversed

unfairness, guilt, punishment, inustice, retribution, dishonesty, corruption, avoiding accountability, living in denial, irresponsibility, miscarriage of justice or unfair treatment, losing a legal case, being discredited, imbalance, lies/hypocrisy, being outmanuevered, unable to speak your truth, making or receiving the wrong decision, bias, jail, unfair romantic expectations or blaming partner unfairly, unfair work environment, dishonesty in career, not being accountable at work, untrustworthy financial dealings, avoiding financial accountability