VIII — Strength


Element: Fire
Zodiac: Leo
Yes/No: Yes


Strength Upright

strength (especially inner), courage/bravery, passion, vitality, confidence/self-confidence (especially without arrogance), compassion, inner power, fortitude, patience, focus, perserverance, the ability to remain strong and calm in the face of obstacles, self-control, self-assurance, heroic acts, sexuality, lust/sex, virility/potency, passionate and fiery romance, strong caring relationship, confidence drawing lovers, bold career moves, taking big steps at work, controlled spending, bold purchases

Strength Reversed

struggle, pride, weakness, doubt/self-doubt, low confidence, inadequacy, cowardice, forcefulness, impatience, fragility, lack of self-control, self-esteem issues, insecurity, imposter syndrome, needing support, lack of conviction, breaking your own moral code, vanity, hedonism, intense anger or fear, depression/happiness draining, one who is overbearing, negativity about love, codependency in a relationship, domineering partner (whether it's you or someone else), fear of making big career moves, compulsive spending, hesitancy about spending