XIV — Temperance


Element: Fire
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Yes/No: Yes


Everything in moderation.

Temperance Upright

balance, harmony, patience, peace, moderation, calm, tranquility, serenity, middle path, finding meaning, not letting things get to you, extremity in any situation to be avoided, clear vision of what you want to achieve, evaluating your priorities, temperance, self-help, self-acceptance, levelheaded sensibility, blending (especially opposites), connecting with your guides, merging, synthesis, synergy, divine intervention, being careful and considerate in love, being patient with love or a lover, steady and slow progress in career, success from patience and moderation at work, diligent saving, slow and steady financial growth

Temperance Reversed

lack of balance, extremes, fragility, imbalance, excess, discord/conflict, recklessness, hastiness, turbulence, lack of long-term plan or vision, lack of purpose, impatience, instability, onset of illness, tempers flaring, angry outbursts, always giving and not receiving, feeling forsaken by angels or spirit guides, going to extremes for love, all or nothing romances, impatience with love, work-life imbalance, all or nothing at job, rushed job or reckless decisions, failure to balance long-term financial needs with short-term happiness