VII — The Chariot


Element: Water
Planet: Uranus
Zodiac: Cancer
Yes/No: Yes


Staying focused on your dreams and goals.

The Chariot Upright

departure, discipline/self-discipline, courage, success, ambition, determination, willpower, strength, control/self-control, focus, confidence, assertiveness, competition/competitiveness, victory, overcoming obstacles, triumph in the face of adversity, movement, energy, direction, driver, a journey, transportation, mastering a skill, coming to the aid of another, taking action in love or taking control of your love life, motivation at work, focus and determination to deal with financial obstacles or reach financial goals

The Chariot Reversed

carelessness, arrogance, wanderlust, forcefulness/aggression, powerlessness, passiveness/taking everything lying down, no control, lacking focus or direction, loss of drive or ambition, lacking willpower, confusion, scattered energy, obstacles, negativity, taking the long way around, canceled journey or trip, vehicle breaking down, needing the help of another, obsession with finding love, forcefulness in love, too aggressive with career goals, too passive with career goals, rushing into financial decisions or purchases, hesitant about financial decisions