XV — The Devil


Element: Earth
Zodiac: Capricorn
Yes/No: No


The Devil Upright

temptation, seduction, materialism, oppression, addiction, obsession, dependency, vice/excess, powerlessness, limitations, playfulness, feeling trapped or empty, lacking fulfillment, slave to materialism/opulence, lacking willpower, unable to control urges/impulses, addiction to substances or material pleasures, lust, hedonism, negative consequences, instant gratification, bondage/enslavement, fear, doubt, lies, violence, unhealthy relationships, sexual deviancy, being overworked, trapped without options, pursuit of all life's earthly pleasures, selfish disregard for lover's feelings, co-dependency in a relationship, feeling trapped in a job, blaming colleagues, self-sabotage at work, bad financial habits

The Devil Reversed

freedom/freedom from restraints, lack of will, resentment, independence, revelation, release, reclaiming power or control, becoming self-aware, breaking free of addictions and/or unhealthy relationships, simplicity, detachment, divorce, relationship becoming less sexual, avoiding or not submitting to temptation, starting a new life, feeling more in control of love life, ending co-dependency, more accountability in career path, feeling empowered at your job, fixing a strained relationship with a colleague, breaking bad financial habits, feeling financially independent