IV — The Emperor


Element: Fire
Zodiac: Aries
Yes/No: Yes


The Emperor Upright

authority, power, stability, structure, protection, control, practicality, focus, discipline, routine, organization, fatherliness/fatherhood, strategic thinker, masculinity, paternal figure, a ruler, mentor, rationality, responsibility, efficiency, traditional relationship, unexpressed emotions, using logic in love, supportive colleague or boss, being disciplined with money

The Emperor Reversed

tyranny, chaos, anger, domineering, rigid, stubborn, lack of discipline, recklessness, abuse of power, overreaching father figure or possessive partner, weak ruler, avoiding responsibility, power struggle, competitiveness, low concentration or focus, rigidity, coldness, stifling creativity and motivation, overbearing romantic partner, difficulty connecting with partner emotionally, bureaucracy, bad boss, lacking discipline with money, out of control finances