III — The Empress


Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Yes/No: Yes


The Empress Upright

growth, fertility, beauty, divine feminine, sensuality, nurturing, creativity, abundance, nature, pregnancy/motherhood, birth of a new idea/project, femininity, positivity, maternal figure, supportive lover, sensual committed relationship, new family, nurturing colleagues, creative period at work, boost in career, material comfort, giving/sharing material wealth, generosity

The Empress Reversed

selfishness, impatience, being overwhelmed, insecurity, being overbearing/smothering, negligence, lack of growth or progress, too much focus on others, relying on others to care for you or make decisions for you, lack of self-worth, jealous/clingy lover, feeling insecure at work, stale job, not growing skills/abilities, feeling insecure about finances despite being stable, overbearing/smothering maternal figure