IX — The Hermit


Element: Earth
Zodiac: Virgo
Yes/No: Maybe


The Hermit Upright

wisdom, independence, awareness, introspection, self-reflection/self-help, contemplation, withdrawing from society, solitude, search for self, search for truth (especially inner), enlightenment, meditation, seeker of knowledge from within, lonely wanderer, spiritual experiences, privacy/being discreet, home study, patience, therapy/counseling, taking action aligned with your true self, a mentor figure coming into your life, pausing love life to introspect, searching for purpose in career or contemplating your next steps, contemplating role of finances in happiness and/or focusing less on material things

The Hermit Reversed

isolation, resignation, distance, loneliness, reclusive, being anti-social, rejection, withdrawal, returning to society, self-imposed seclusion being harmful to yourself and others, self-absorption, social misfit, exile, being silenced, sadness, turning your back on someone, getting to the bottom of something bothering you, losing your way or having lost your way, romantic rejection, feeling distant from your partner, outcast at work, working alone, realigning career to inner goals (i.e. a new job or networking), better understanding of material/financial situation