V — The Hierophant


Element: Earth
Zodiac: Taurus
Yes/No: Maybe


The Hierophant Upright

tradition, trust, wisdom, social groups, conventionality/embracing the conventional, conformity, structure, order, status quo, institutions, education, teaching, learning, knowledge, orthodoxy, guru or teacher, counsel and advice (esp. spiritual), beliefs, spirituality, religion, brotherhood, safe/traditonal partners, spiritual love, teamwork, success in work groups, mentor, vocational training, keeping your money safe, traditional financial institutions, morality and ethics

The Hierophant Reversed

misconception, hypocrisy, blind faith, rebellion, unconventionality, nonconformity, new methods, ignorance, feeling restricted and constrained by rules/structure, loss of control or flexibility in your life, questioning certain traditions, contempt, withholding, cults, false gods/gurus, abuse of position and/or power, extremism, withdrawal of education services, rejection of religion, subversiveness, new approaches, stale relationship, partner's values not aligned with yours, bureaucracy, stifling/confined workplace, peer pressure, new financial institutions, taking risks with finances, trying new ways of earning money