VI — The Lovers


Element: Air
Zodiac: Gemini
Yes/No: Yes


Listen to your heart.

The Lovers Upright

duality, love, passion, unions, partnerships (both romantic and business), relationships, friendships, romance, balance, unity, harmony, bond/connection, affection, togetherness, commitment, engagement/marriage, trust, supportive romantic relationship, partners empowering each other, choices/crossroads, choices about love, choices about work, choices about finances, developing your own personal belief system, contracts, being duty-bound, romance at work

The Lovers Reversed

suffering, obedience, conflict (both inner and outer), disharmony, imbalance, detachment, bad choices, indecision, break in communication, avoiding responsibility for your actions, relationship issues, cold detached romantic partner, too many suitors, imbalance in relationship, temptation, broken relationship, fear of commitment, infidelity, parting or leaving another, business deal gone awry or business failing/falling apart, conflicts between colleagues, work romance leading to trouble, impulsive financial choices/being irresponsible about fiances