XVIII — The Moon


Element: Water
Zodiac: Pisces
Yes/No: No


Nothing may be as it seeems. Trust your gut.

The Moon Upright

mysteries, dreams/nightmares, foreboding, illusion, intuition, uncertainty, confusion, complexity, secrets, the unconscious/subconscious, hidden truth, deception, hidden agendas, insecurity, fear, falsehoods, difficult period, lacking clarity, increased psychic ability and experiences, imagination getting the best of you, path you're unsure of, deep memories and fears troubling you, lacking information, complicated romance, uncertainty about love or relationship, uncertainty surrounding career path, confusion at job, unclear around financial decisions, lacking financial knowledge

The Moon Reversed

darkness, fears, insecurities, deception, anxiety, misunderstanding, misinterpretation, clarity, understanding, confusion, unhappiness, intuitive period, confusion starting to dissipate, negative energies slowly fading, the need to listen to your instincts, the conscious, calm, secrets revealed, deceptions seen, mysteries unveiled, hidden agendas revealed, unusual dreams, insomnia or unusual sleeping patterns, irrational thoughts/behaviors, psychic insights, not easily understood, deception/fear/paranoia regarding love, clarity at work, sabotage/deception/trickery in the workplace, clarity about finances, deception regarding finances