XVII — The Star


Element: Air
Zodiac: Aquarius
Yes/No: Yes


The Star Upright

faith, hope, fortune, inspiration, positivity, renewal, healing, rejuvenation, renewed power, strength to carry on with life, cosmic blessings/abundantly blessed by the universe, resilience after a trauma/loss, truth, creativity, opportunities, health and healing, happiness, optimism, spirituality, help in all forms, astrology/astronomy, wishing on a star, period of tranquility, inspirational person, alternative therapies, optimism about love life, healing from past wounds/breakup, romantic partners healing together, high hopes about job, positivity brings career rewards, reaching financial goals

The Star Reversed

insecurity, discouragement, faithlessness, hopelessness, despair, negativity, despondency, disappointment, lacking motivation, extreme self-critism, lacking confidence, doubt, feeling unwell, missed opportunities, refusing an offer of help, blocks to renewal/spiritual enlightenment, cynicism towards love/romance, pessimism about work, lacking motivation or enthusiasm at work, despair regarding financial situation