XIX — The Sun


Element: Fire
Planet: The Sun
Yes/No: Yes


Life if good.

The Sun Upright

pleasure, rebirth, light, joy/happiness, success, optimism, vitality, confidence, truth, celebration, abundance, radiance, warmth, fulfillment, life/life is good, feeling radiant, the conscious, inspiration, energy, enlightenment, warmth, manifestation, riches, marriage, good times, clear thinking, blessings, good fortune, good holiday/nice weather, male/masculinity, radiating love and affection, positivity is attractive, happiness and fulfillment in a relationship, enthusiasm and energy at work, successful work projects, positivity bring career success (i.e. new job or promotion), strong financial situation, hidden financial factors revealed

The Sun Reversed

negativity, arrogance, carelessness, blocked happiness, excessive enthusiasm, pessimism, being unrealistic/having unrealistic expectations, conceitedness, depression/sadness, difficulty finding the silver lining in situations, powerlessness, setbacks damaging your enthusiasm/optimism, failure, partial success, feeling under the weather, reduced vitality, delayed success/happiness, being overly sentimental, things not as rosy as they seem, false impressions, boredom in a relationship, taking love for granted, being unable to see happiness in relationship, failure to appreciate work, unrealistic expectations at work, overconfidence in work situations, overly optimistic about finances, financial hardships only temporary