XXI — The World


Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Yes/No: Yes


Everything is connected.

The World Upright

arriving, life, spontaneity, completion, achievement, fulfillment, sense of belonging, wholeness, harmony, unity, enlightment/nirvana, efforts starting to pay off, major life milestone that can withstand challenges, completion of a long-term project or study, major life event (i.e. birth, marriage, or graduation), everything is connected, desire/commitment to make the world a better place, success, journey's end, transformation, cycles, outcomes, accomplishment, possibilities, realizations, totality, moving (particularly abroad), goal achievement, world travel, exploration, anthropology, socializing, feeling loved and grateful, fulfilling romantic life, moving to the next step of your relationship, confidence and wholeness as a single person, completing career goals, fulfilling career path, completing financial goal, figuring out your finances in the bigger picture of your life

The World Reversed

incompletion/feeling incomplete, emptiness, lack of closure, lack of achievement, feeling empty despite achievements or progress, failure, unfinished, unfulfilled, plans falling through/moving interrupted, delayed success, non-movement/stagnation, not finishing your work, being stuck in a rut, missing something in love life, taking partner for granted, false measure of success at work, missing piece in career, close to completing financial goal, unfulfilled despite financial comfort, nearing completion of a goal but not quite there yet