X — Wheel of Fortune


Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Yes/No: Yes


Expect the unexpected. Live in the moment, and enjoy the good times while remembering that the bad times won't last forever.

Wheel of Fortune Upright

fate/destiny, karma, unpredictability, change, cycles/cycle of life, decisive/pivotal moments, luck/chance, fortune, unexpected events, inevitable fate, changing of the seasons, opportunity, movement, winning, ups and downs, good times, success, definite yes, turning point, chance meeting that can change your life, relationship changes, navigating change with partner, luck in career, career opportunities present, adapting to changes at work, changes in financial situation, being flexible with finances, enjoying good times to the fullest and knowing that bad times will eventually get better

Wheel of Fortune Reversed

negative phase, bad luck/misfortune, lack of control/clinging to control, unwelcome changes, problems, chaos, mishaps, failures, period of hardship or difficulty, disappointments, unforeseen or unexpected setbacks, bad times, definite no, things not going your way, external events affecting relationship, love life out of control, failure to adapt at work, unexpected financial changes