Greek Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt, Wild Animals & Wilderness, & Virginity

She is the daughter of Zeus and a Titaness named Leto, and twin sister of Apollo. In one version of her and Apollo's birth, she was born a day before her brother and proceeded to help their mother deliver him, which is why she's sometimes considered the goddess of childbirth, despite being an eternal virgin. She's also the granddaughter of the Titaness Phoebe, from whom she and Apollo get their alternative names (Phoebe and Phoebus, respectively).

Sacred Symbols:
Wild animals are sacred to her, but especially the deer, the bear, the boar, and the hunting dog. Her attributes are a bow and arrows, and her tree is the cypress.

Artemis Around the World:
Her Roman equivalent is Diana, though she's also been identified with the Greek Titaness Phoebe, the Titaness Selene, and the Roman goddess Luna. The Celtic goddess Arianrhod and the Norse goddess Freyja could also be considered her counterparts.

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