Greek Titaness of the Moon

She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Thea, and sister of Helios ("sun") and Eos ("dawn").

Consorts & Children:
By her lover Endymion, she is said to have fifty daughters, including a nymph named Naxos, and by Zeus, she supposedly had the Nemean Lion and Pandia ("all bright"), the goddess of the full moon.

Notable Stories Involving Her:
Selene is often depicted as a pale-faced woman with long black hair, wearing robes, carrying a torch, and wearing a crescent moon on her head. After bathing in the sea each day, she journeys across the sky each night on her silver chariot, which is said to be pulled by either horses, oxen, or serpentine dragons.

Sacred Symbols:
Her sacred animals are dogs, bulls, cows, and roosters.

Selene Around the World:
Her Roman equivalent is Luna.

SOURCES: Greek, Encyclopedia Mythica, & Wikipedia