Messenger of the Gods
Greek God of Commerce, Communication, Travelers, Thieves, & Athletes

He is the son of Zeus and a nymph named Maia, and half-brother of Hebe, Heracles, Ares, Eris ("strife"), Apollo and Artemis, and Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth, among others.

Consorts & Children:
Through Aphrodite, he's the father of Hermaphroditus, and by the nymph Dryope, he sired the god Pan.

Notable Stories Involving Him:
As the messenger of the gods, he's also the god of travelers, shepherds and cowherds, sports and athletics, thieves, and commerce. He is credited with inventing the lyre and panpipes.

Sacred Symbols:
His attributes are a winged helmet, winged sandals, a purse or pouch, and a caduceus (a small staff entwined by two serpents). His sacred animals are the rooster and the tortoise.

Hermes Around the World:
His Roman equivalent is Mercury, though he's also been identified with the Greek Iris and the Egyptian Thoth.

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