Egyptian Goddess of Lamentation

She's the youngest daughter of Geb, god of the earth, and Nut, goddess of the sky. She's also the sister of Isis and Osiris.

Consorts & Children:
She's the sister-wife of Seth, and mother of Anubis.

She's sometimes depicted as a kite (type of bird) or a woman with falcon wings outstretched for protection, but is most often depicted as a woman wearing a headdress in the shape of a basket on top of a house.

Notable Stories Involving Her:
She's often paired with her sister Isis in funerary rites, and as goddess of lamentation, she's said to guide the newly deceased to the Egyptian underworld and bring comfort to their loved ones. She's also said to bring comfort to women in labor while Isis acts as midwife.

SOURCES: Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Mythica